Welcome aboard Service Design Hub - your gateway to the intricate world of designing exceptional services and experiences. I stand firm on the conviction that superior services aren't a product of mere chance; they are artfully designed and meticulously planned.

My odyssey started with a dream: to bring the magic of extraordinary service design within everyone's reach, making it relatable, real, and easy to grasp. With years of accumulated experience and rich expertise, I am eager to share all my learnings with you.

Service Design Insights is your one-stop shop for everything related to Service Design. I'll try to break down complex principles and processes like the Double Diamond and Service Blueprints and keep you updated with the latest trends and inventive practices across various industries. The content is designed to be a rich resource for both seasoned experts but most of all beginners, fostering learning at every level.

I'm not just about disseminating knowledge; my hope is to cultivate a thriving community centered around Service Design. I am dedicated to sparking conversations, fostering partnerships, and encouraging innovative thinking. My belief in the power of Service Design as a tool for change motivates me to create services that are valuable, resonant, and sustainable, contributing to a better future.

Whether you are a business executive aiming to enhance your services, a designer keen on broadening your skill set, or a student intrigued by Service Design, you're in for a treasure trove of knowledge. With articles, templates, case studies, and maybe a podcast, I'll try to navigate you through the complexities of Service Design, offering actionable insights that can make a real difference.

Embark with me on a journey into the fascinating universe of Service Design. Let's collectively strive to design services that not only meet expectations but exceed them, creating memorable connections and impactful experiences. Welcome to our dynamic community. Welcome to Service Design Hub.

My name is Mikkel Bech. I have a Master Degree in Computer Science (University of Aarhus, Denmark), but I have spent the last 20 years discovering design methods and tools as a way to build better digital products. I have built a lot of products and companies and have always used that as a way to apply and invent design methods. Currently I'm fully engaged in building a healthcare patient journey platform in Emento, and many of the examples on this site will draw on experiences from building the Emento platform.